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New Year, New way to celebrate with new friends for a social cause.

New Year, New way to celebrate with new friends for a social cause.

The story started on 25th December 2015, Christmas day. The world was celebrating Christmas Day, but we, executives of CSIT Association of Nepal were busy on 2 days’ leadership training. After the first day’s training,Bijay Rai, Executive member of CSITAN told us about a event that I didn’t clearly understand. Then we decided to go to the event place, i.e. Pentagon College, Tinkune. When we reached there, the event was already completed. Though I could not participate in the event, there I got chance to introduce with the organizers, few students of Bachelor of Social Works. According to the organizer, the main motive of that event was to support for the students of Sindhupalchowk district that was hit hardly by the earthquake of few time ago.

Next day, at the leadership training, we (me along with Bijay) planned to do something to support them. What we can do from our side? We thought and planned to provide a basic training of IT that will be useful to students of non IT faculties. Bijay made talk with that group of students from BSW and finally we decided to conduct basic computer and IT training for non-technical students for 2 days. We approached CSIT Association of Nepal as a supporter and CSITAN accepted it. Likewise, we got support from  Orchid IT Club too.



After all preparations, we were ready for the event. The event was scheduled for 31st December, 2015 and 1st January, 2016 at Santwona College. The total of 40 participants were registered for the event, and we divided them into two halves for the training that we conducted for both group parallel. At first day, Bijay Rai and Sujan Upreti presented about basics of computer, computer terminologies and hardware for two different groups. After that Prakash Pokhrel and Saurav Shrestha shared knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoints respectively. Fortunately, both of them were Microsoft Student Partners(MSP). The first day program was completed with these two sessions.
For the second day, first session was of mine where I had to present about social medias. At that session, I tried to cover about social medias, especially facebook and its different features that was unknown to participants. Similarly, I gave concept of job searching techniques and tools and finally concluded with LinkedIn. After that, a session on cyber security was covered by Shristi Baral and Labin Ojha presented techniques about learning from online.

Overall, the program was completely new for us as this was first time we are facing non IT people at a group. And we were success at our motive to collect stationary materials for school children as donation from the participants of the training. And the role played by Asha Pariyar, Kopila Acharya, Saraswati Adhikari, Bhagwati Nepal, Srijana Basnet, Dirga Raj Upadhyaya, Anubhav Thapa from  SOFIC Nepal was adorable and inspiring.

And we had started a new year with a new way with new group of friends for a social cause.

National Organizer’s Course

National Organizer’s Course

Union of Information, Communication and Technology Service in Nepal (UNICTS) organized “National Organizer’s Course for Youth and Women” dated on 13th and 14th of December, 2015 at Elite Hall of Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal.

A total of 23 participants were present in the course. The program was introduced by Mr. Shankar Lamichhane, President of UNI NLC and UNICTS. Mr. Rajendra Achary, Director, UNI-Apro gave presentation on “Global Change in Working Relationship and Need of Union and UNI Global Union”. South Asian Coordinator of SASK, Mr. Manoranjan Peggu presented in the course with networking tools which can be used for organizing and global solidarity.

“Organizing techniques and AHA Strategy to organizw youth and women and their concerns in trade union” was presented by Dipa Bhardwaj and the sessions of first day was ended.

The concepts of cross sectoral organizing was provided by Mr. Shankar Lamichhane, President of UNI/NLC on second day. Similarly, leadership and communication skills while organzing in trade union was provided by the vice president of CLASS Nepal, Sushila Mishra Bhatta. And the last session of the organizing course, Group Work on SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat during organizing) was facilitad by Mr.Khusal Regmi and Mr. Prakash Neupane.

Finally, the event was concluded after presentations from participants that was from SWOT analysis. I was happy to learn new things from there as particcipant.